Monday, December 01, 2008


Walhydra and a long-distance colleague were teasing each other by email over the glories...and consequences...of Thanksgiving feasts.

At some point, Walhydra decided she should enter into the overdone realm of leftover jokes, but she wanted something different, something to illustrate the concept in a new way.

To her delight, she discovered first a website and then an image.

The site, unfortunately inactive since 2007, is The Single Chef.

The post is one called "Leftovers leftover."

And here is the image:

Leftover Cat


Thalia Took said...

Whoa, what's my cat doing in someone else's fridge? That's uncanny.

Sir Isaac Mewton has his own life, I guess.

Bright Crow said...

Neat, Thalia!

What would Sir Isaac say about the Feline Law of Surfaces?


Thalia Took said...

Actually I suspect your "Feline Law of Surfaces" is simple another name for Mewton's Third Law, which says much the same thing, with the added fine point that cats who sit on cookbooks opened on the kitchen table will sit only and exactly on the recipe you need to refer to.