Saturday, November 29, 2008

Walhydra's New Year's Eve Eve Party
(The Serial)

A note from Bright Crow: Long before Walhydra became (in)famous on the 'Net with her ranting blog, Walhydra's Porch, she was already part of a private listserv of Pagan friends called The Crone Thread.

In January of 1996, Walhydra started serializing an adventure she had just survived at what began innocently enough as a New Year's Eve Eve Party, hosted by her prison counselor colleague, Dr. Bob.

Walhydra recently created a second blog, Walhydra's Back Porch, where she can discreetly hide (except from her friends) stuff that has "naughty bits" in it.

Herewith, on that blog, the first part of the serial....
Part 1: Dr. Bob.

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