Back Porch

Stuff to share with friends who get the joke & don't mind how tacky or off color it is

Odds & endsIn the early 1990s, before there was blogging or the whole herd of social software options, there were discussion boards, chatrooms and email listservs.

I met some of my current virtual friends on an old AOL Pagan/Christian discussion board which we used until the "christianist" hosts started censoring it and TOSed.

One of our group then invited us onto a private listserv called The Crone Thread. It was there that I started publishing serialized Walhydra stories.

Between AOL and Crone Thread, I have filing crates full of stuff that might be fun to share.After I created Walhydra's Porch, I wanted some place to post these archival works—some of which"controversial"—in a more discreet way.

Hence, Walhydra's Back Porch.

Bless├Ęd be,
Bright Crow