Thursday, October 06, 2011

Walhydra's Lament, or
Can't I trade this incarnation in without having to die first?

A new story on Walhydra's Back Porch.
Midlife Crisis in Men
Note from the amanuensis: This story was originally published eleven years ago via email to The Crone Thread listserv, back in January of 2000, when the amanuensis was still in library school, before the move to Florida. A lot of water has flowed over the bridge—or under the dam, or something—since then.

At the time, the story began with the following
Walhydra is a crone of unspeakable age, who, in her own cantakerous way, does her best to deal with her present incarnation as me: a 49-year-old, gay male would-be writer. She insists that I explain this, because she doesn't like sharing the blame—though she doesn't have much choice, being, as she is, my muse.
Take a look.

Bless├Ęd Be.

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