Wednesday, October 05, 2011

On the other hand....

...while Florida enjoys an early southern fall, Erla Zwingle, over in Venice, writes:
The first day of autumn came and went as decreed by the cosmos, but around here summer didn’t get the memo. The heat wave that began some two months ago is still enjoying itself thoroughly, lolling on the beach, gleaming on the Alpine peaks, bringing joy to the daring hoteliers who risked staying open and not unconsiderable damage to the farmers.

It was the hottest September on record; on average, nearly 3 degrees above the norm. In Piemonte, Torino registered 30 degrees C (86 degrees F), a September temperature it hasn’t felt since 1753. Rainfall has become a distant memory.

The farmers are not amused.
Erla's I am not Making This Up: My Life in Real Venice, and More is always entertaining and visually beautiful. This latest post is—despite the complaints about the heat—full of stories and pictures of luscious food.

The backdrop of tiny wild apples and unshelled chestnuts (the green spiky ball) made a very attractive arrangement (photo by Erla Zwingle)

Go check out this delightful blog.

Have fun.

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Bright Crow said...

Looks like Venice finally switched weather channels: There Goes Summer."