Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Living in the Kingdom of God"

Walhydra's buddy Cat has posted an article, Living in the Kingdom of God, about the death of her friend Abby, over on the Bad Quaker Bible Blog.

As we Quakers say, "This speaks to my condition."

Fright Flight of the Snow Geese, by Fort Photo

I have seen flocks of birds rising together in a wave, flying so close that wing nearly brushes wing. With invisible signals, they know: now we wheel. Now we soar. Together in one wave they crest and rise and fall, gathered in beauty. To me, that is a vision of the Kingdom of God.

And last night was a vision of the Kingdom of God.

Wheeling and turning, embracing and mourning a friend, we stood gathered by grace and by gratitude into the living presence where there is no loss, there is no death, and every eye reflects back all the love it has been given, fully and without distortion, into the eye of every other.

The Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Joy, the Kingdom of Love is right now, forever, and every minute; if we let it. If we have the strength (or the grace) to find the love, even in the heart of loss.

We do not need to wait for heaven. We live in the Kingdom now.

May God heal all hearts.
And so it is.

Bless├Ęd Be,
Michael Bright Crow

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