Friday, June 08, 2007

Who gives a *bleep* about Paris Hilton?

Walhydra realizes that, by publishing this post, she is committing the very culture crime she is getting ready to rant against, but...oh, well....

The faithful reader will have noticed several previous occasions when Walhydra has flown off the handle about being famous, exploiting someone's so-called fame to sell headlines, or being gullible about that fame.

She figured she'd said enough, already!

And then, today at lunch, she noticed peripherally that Fox "News" was broadcasting live coverage—for over half an hour—of Paris Hilton's mansion. That is, the mansion and the crowd of newscasters waiting in front of it for the sheriff to arrive and ferry her back to court.


It wasn't even as interesting—not that she was watching, you understand—as that boring "chase" of the white Bronco years ago.

Walhydra has mentally ill street people customers at the library who are way more interesting.

But she thinks she's beginning get a better sense of what this is all about.


People have probably always had a perverse fascination with those who appear to be more powerful, more important, more attractive, more rich, more more than they are.

People envy these folks. We want to be like them. We want what we think they have, and we want other people to admire and envy us as we do these folks.

And we want to see them FALL!

That's it. We want our resentment of their privilege to be rewarded by the disclosure—live on Fox "News" and on every tabloid cover at the grocery checkout—that they are utter failures as human beings. That they screw up, over and over and over, even more than we do.

Walhydra feels both better and worse, having realized this.

Better, because she thinks she can be the eensiest bit forgiving toward others who actually pay attention to Paris Hilton, et al.

Worse, because she just paid attention—again.

Oh, well....


Cat Chapin-Bishop said...

Having had a disagreement with the cable company several years ago, and no time to blog and watch television even if I did have cable, I have the great benefit of having on the vaguest possible idea of who "Paris Hilton" is.

Kill your television. (But keep your Internet access... of course!)

It's amazing how nice it is not to have TV--kind of like having clear mental sinuses or something. Highly recommended... Not to mention it will piss the cable company--and Fox News--off mightily, should enough of us do this.

Jim B said...

Sorry, I thought Walhydra is the cat. I can see why you are into paradox. And a Virgo no less, wow.


Jim B said...

Boy, I'm having trouble here, my first comment didn't show up so my second one makes no sense. I wrote as my cat Leia to Walhydra since I thought she was the cat in the picture. Leia said she heard me saying that I think celebrities serve as mirrors for humans to look into to see themselves. The celebrities do the acting out for people unwilling or unable to look at themselves without a mirror so they can function until they do. Human society creates celebrities to play these roles and through the interaction help a society to face itself and hopefully grow up. The things about celebrities that stir one up are things about oneself that may need attention. Not that one is like that celebrity, but that one sees some of oneself in the issue being acted out.

Peace and purrs, Jim and Leia

Walhydra said...


I completely agree.

Hubby Jim and I have not had a TV for 15 years, and we don't have any trouble keeping up with what's going on in the world.

We just don't have someone shoving subliminally weighted images and sounds directly into our heads without the filter of critical thinking.

jim b,

I agree, too, with your notion of celebrities as mirrors.

Clearly (or is that, "through a glass darkly"?) that is one of their primary least in this modern American culture, where so many people watch lives instead of having them.

Greetings to Leia. The pictured cat is our late, greatly lamented Miso the Cat.

BTW, I've added an addendum to this post.

Bless├Ęd Be,

Michael BrightCrow,