Monday, June 04, 2007

Whadaya mean, "cranky"?

The faithful reader may remember that Walhydra doesn't like to admit how much she secretly craves acclamation.

It takes great agility and acting skill to exercise the art of teacher's-petitude while at the same time feigning a humble, even self-deprecating, normalcy to peers—so as not to get ostracized or beat up on the playground.

This being the case, Walhydra acknowledges a sort of delighted shock that Sara Sutterfield Winn over on Pagan Godspell has tagged Walhydra's Porch as one of her five choices for the Thinking Blogger Award.Thinking Blogger Award

This makes Walhydra particularly proud—with a sort of warmed cockles of the heart feeling, whatever that means—because it was Sara's blog which breathed new life into Walhydra's faltering sense that incarnation is a blessing rather than a curse.

Thank you, Sara.

Most of the Thinking Blogger tagging Walhydra has seen has been passing among her Quaker and Pagan and Quaker-Pagan and Pagan-Quaker cyber-acquaintances. She's been amused to notice their typically Quakerish effort not to just tag each other back in a mutual admiration go-around.

Walhydra will honor this ethic, but she wants to affirm four blogs she would have tagged, had they not already been named:

Sara, of course, for Pagan Godspell
Cat Chapin-Bishop and Peter Bishop, for Quaker Pagan Reflections
Liz Opp, for The Good Raised Up, and
Robin M, for What Canst Thou Say?
It was these folks who first drew Walhydra into the "Convergent Friends" conversation, as well as the overlapping conversation among Pagan, Christocentric, Jewish and Nontheist folk. Such blessings!

Here are the five blogs Walhydra wants to add to the meme-ification process:
Simon St. Laurent, on Light and Silence, whose deep, rich research into the history and thought of early Quakers caught Walhydra's attention last winter, when Simon was writing about Quakers and Montanists and Fox on the Trinity, Spirit.

Richard M, on A Place to Stand, especially in his recent opening up of important cross-boundary concerns with his Behind the Hedge post.

Marshall Massey, on The Quaker Magpie Journal. Actually, most of what Walhydra has read of Marshall's is in his lucid, thought-provoking comments appended to discussions on many other blogs. The two which have helped her most recently in clarifying her own understanding are this one on Jesus and the "new face" of God and this one on the "lamp of YHWH."

In a totally different realm of the blogosphere, Steven C. Clemons, on The Washington Note. Several times a day, Clemons shines a sharp, progressive Washington insider's spotlight into the fog of Foggy Bottom.

Finally, Walhydra's librarian colleague, known to the blogosphere as Alonzo Moseley (FBI), on Acrentropy. Walhydra has no TV, misses most of the movies she wanted to see, and hasn't a clue why the fate of the world depends upon what happens in Lost. She delights in learning about all of this—plus chicken caesar salad—from Alonzo.
Congratulations to these folks.

Should you choose to participate, please make sure you pass this list of rules to the blogs you are tagging.

The participation rules are simple:
If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,
Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme,
Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote.
Bless├Ęd Be.


Cat Chapin-Bishop said...

Wallhydra, you sweetie. :)

Thanks for the tip o' the hat--though I'm almost as pleased to see Liz Opp's and Robin M's blog's receiving another affirmation. And thank you so much for naming and linking to Marshall Massey--not only his Quaker Magpie, but also his Earthwitness Journal is well worth a visit. Though, like you, I know and enjoy Marshall best for his willingness to engage deeply with other bloggers through his very thoughtful comments.

Thanks again.

Marshall Massey (Iowa YM [C]) said...

Friend, I want to apologize for only recently noticing your kind nomination. It's been a hectic June --

My personal reading of our historic Quaker testimony of equality is that it requires us not only to deny vain titles and honors to others (no doffing of the hat, for instance), but also to shun special honors for ourselves.

Candor compels me to admit that all the things I've said, that you've liked so much, are not original with me. I'm still tickled pink that you liked what I said, of course -- what kind things you say about me! -- but I don't see any reason why I should be given an award merely for repeating them.

So while I thank you with all my heart for your "Thinking Blogger" nomination, I must insist, in friendship, on remaining ordinary.

I do agree that Cat and Peter, Liz and Robin, Simon and Richard are all great pleasures to read. (I can't speak of the others on your list; they're outside my range of interests.) I wouldn't nominate them for awards, due to my personal sense of what equality requires, but I sure would give them hugs. And praise.

And a hug to you, too, friend! And some praise as well. I'm much appreciating the gentleness and honesty of your postings.

Walhydra said...

Friend Marshall,

Thanks very much for your response.

Actually, I completely agree with you about shunning special honors for ourselves, about candor regarding original sources, and about your "personal sense of what equality requires."

I would have been content to call the Thinking Blogger nomination a "note of thanks" rather than an "award."

My motive in including you was to acknowledge my thanks for the clarity and gentleness with which you explicate distinctions in religious and doctrinal language which can be fraught with emotional weight, yet which are not when you write about them.

You help me to open to more Light.

I also appreciate the hug and the praise. It is gratifying to know that my writing comes across as you describe it.

Thanks again,
The Empty Path