Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Astral trifecta

At the library, we've been having a run on craziness.

Our usual population of mentally "off" customers have been way off. Our okay-but-weird customers have been way weird. And our regular customers have been short-tempered and demanding.

Since Friday the 18th, we've had almost a dozen incidents of over-the-top behavior which required intervention by our security staff—including several which required the local police.


Only yesterday did I figure out—sort of—what's going on.

Sunday the 20th, there was a New Moon plus a Solar Eclipse plus the peak of a major, major Solar Storm: an astral trifecta!

Solar Eclipse, Credit Wikimedia Commons

Here's how Debra Campbell on RanchoSantaMariaPatch describes the effects:

Right now many under the influence of this celestial tug of war in May are feeling anxiety, mood deviations such as overwhelming sadness and apprehension switching to elation, inability to sleep, appetite changes, swelling or pain in the body, out-of-body type feelings, unusual dreams, dreams or visitations from people who have passed on, shifts of consciousness, bursts of creativity, visits or memories from past relationships, relationships difficulties, pain in the body especially in the muscles and joints, and irritable buzz and more.
Or...claiming that someone else is controling your computer and messing with the format of the law suit brief you are writing.

Or having a fist fight with your cousin over a bag or potato chips.


You get the picture.

We library-type people have been wondering, in the midst of this, how weirdly we must be acting. We can't tell, since, for the most part, we are (a) normally weird and (b) not as weird as the people around us this week.

So how long will this solar storm last?

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