Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New pages on Porch and Back Porch blogs

In case the dear reader has not noticed, the redesign of Walhydra's Porch and Walhydra's Back Porch has included the addition of some extra pages to the tabs along the top.

The Porch has an About page which explains—well, sort of—Walhydra's dubious origins (as well as Bright Crow's).

There is also a Mileposts page, which begins with the following introduction:

Recurring Dream
These are selected posts in chronological order, beginning in September 2006, which trace key themes and events in Walhydra's story.

Autobiographical storytelling is, of course, an ongoing exercise in self-reinvention. These stories are somewhat like a recurring dream which evolves over the years.
Finally, there is a Back Porch page which explains the beginnings of that blog and links to it.

The Back Porch blog itself also has a new About page. In addition, links to republished Walhydra Stories are now gathered on one page.

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