Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jesus and Mo

Walhydra has stumbled onto a delightful webcomic called Jesus and Mo.

The artist uses the pseudonym Mohammed Jones and started the comic in 2005. He has several books out...what he irreverently calls tree flesh.

The jist of the comic is that Jesus and Mohammed live together. They rarely go out, and when they do it's usually to a bar called the Cock and Bull, where they sometimes debate with the atheist bartender...or with Moses, if he happens to show up.

Mo insists that he is actually a body double, since some Muslims believe that it is forbidden to depict Mohammed pictorially.

That should give the reader a sense of where the artist is going: nothing is sacred.

Here's the February 26th strip:

Jesus and Mo, 2/26/10BTW, Walhydra recommends that you read the comments. There are often very good, informative discussions of religious issues.


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