Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Grief and distraction

Dear Ones,

I decided to withdraw from Walhydra's Back Porch Part 1 of "Walhydra's White Slave Adventure." No problem with the story itself, but right now I don't feel like pursuing it.

I had started posting Part 1 late one night last weekend—as I now realize—in order to distract myself from my rising grief over moving Mom from assisted living into skilled nursing care.

Now the grief has broken through...or at least another layer of it has broken through.

I'm back on that tightrope I fell off of during 2007, when we moved Mom from her home to my sister's home, this time trying to maintain the balance between making the practical decisions and allowing the grief to hurt.

You all know about this in your own lives.

LoisWe are mortal.

Mother-Father God loves us and lifts us up.

But we are mortal.

Bless├Ęd Be,
Bright Crow

Please see Cat's post Loss on Quaker Pagan Reflections.

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Peter Bishop said...

Bless you, Mike. Holding you in the Light and in my heart.