Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Oog! Maybe that explains it

Walhydra just discovered that Mercury began a retrograde-of-retrogrades period on Labor Day.

Worse, on Mercury Retrograde: The cosmic art of driving in reverse gear while looking through the rear-view mirror, there's more news:
Because the outer planets remain in direct motion or retrograde for such long periods of time, the point where they change directions or change signs or make exact contact with other planets can be momentous.

The current retrograde period will run from 7 to 29 September. During this time, Mercury will be making contact with several outer planets, which are themselves about to shift positions. [emphasis added by the horrified amanuensis]
There follows a short list of other aspects, transits, toe-steppings, burps, blunders, etc., of the stars and planets.

Maybe we should all stay home under the covers until the 30th!

Mercury Retrograde, by Toothpaste for Dinner least there's this:
Mercury shifts backwards on 18 September from fair-minded Libra into service- and organisation-driven Virgo. If there are any two signs in the zodiac for Mercury to express itself in a way that can help us make sense of the current craziness, it’s probably these two.
Walhydra certainly hopes so...because in addition to all of this, the Moon is in Caca!



Hystery said...

I know very little about astrology so my comment cannot be as appropriate or intelligent as I would like it to be. That won't stop me. I will agree with you that whatever it is you does sound bad and it does explain a lot.

Bright Crow said...


I don't know if I "believe in" astrology either, but it's full of interesting

The general notion is that when Mercury is retrograde (that is, when it appears to be moving backward because Earth, on its own orbit, is passing Mercury), "these periods tend to see a spike in incidents of miscommunication, electronic failure, transport delay, missed appointments and so on" (as the host of Mercury Retrograde explains.

That definitely was the case yesterday, in spades! (to cite another metaphor, this one from playing cards and, by extension, Tarot).

Plus, the Moon was full last Friday, and, "as we all know...."

Actually, I think Celeste's Law was in effect (Celeste is a retired librarian curmudgeon buddy of mine): "The effects of the Full Moon can be felt for approximately two weeks before and after the Full Moon."

In other words,yesterday was a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!

Oh, well....

There's always tomorrow.

Bless├Ęd Be (anyway...or especially because of...),
Bright Crow

Bright Crow said...

Today hasn't started out any better....