Friday, March 06, 2009

Art & photography

Walhydra has occasionally added links to her sidebar without really writing anything about them.

Here are a few she thinks the gentle reader might find interesting.

Just the name itself is worth a visit, but Ruben Fletcher does great sketches, too, like this one.

Three Women, by Ruben Fletcher"They might be three generations, or three friends, or three strangers. I like not knowing. It brings me into the process. It makes me look harder."

Walhydra recommends exploring this site at length, including the links to Sketchers and Other Artistes. Beautiful sketch work...and a marvelous, dry sense of humor.

Keith Lanpher Photography

CrackSkullBob's site led Walhydra to Keith Lanpher's photography. A wide range of topics. Nice work.

Wallops Island, by Keith Lanpher"Yesterday I had a late afternoon shoot on Wallops Island, a beautiful little place on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. I was shooting a portrait for magazine from a tower and after I finished I couldn’t help but point the camera towards some of the winter scenery."

From the Archive, by Keith Lanpher"Made this picture a couple years ago in Portsmouth. I get the concept, but it still seems a little odd."

The Hague, by Keith Lanpher"I was dog walking recently and found this foggy view in an area near my house called The Hague. Nice the duck cooperated with the composition. I know this is a bit of an idyllic post card image, but that’s what was there, and what’s there not to quietly appreciate?"

Feathers, Geodes, & Old Lace

A beautiful array of image, quotations, found objects, etc. Erica W. Adams has this quotation on her blog profile:

"We must strive moment to moment to practice a taxonomy of different forms of understanding, different forms of change, dependent perhaps upon resemblance and seeming substitutability-- figuration-- rather than on the self-identical category of truth." Gayatri Spivak, Feminism and Critical Theory

Posted by Erica W. Adams
Posted by Erica W. Adams
There's more...explore.

And so it is.

Bless├Ęd Be.

Oy! Walhydra just had to conk herself on the head, because she forgot to include her best and longest-known Virgo friend, journalist, photographer and computer guru Jay Gross, and his Foto Artista site (and colleagues).

Walhydra wouldn't be Walhydra without Jay's inspiration. (Um...that's meant as a compliment, Jay, in case you were wondering.)

Blue Vase Bottom, by Jay Gross
Pumpkin, by Jay Gross Walhydra and Jay also share in the ancient art of delighting in cats and yums.


AEnodia said...

I have to get new glasses. When I first saw the title of your blog it looked like Walhydra's Pouch.

Enjoyed the fine photography I found on your links.

Bright Crow said...


That's like Walhydra, always teasing me about being "Bright Cow."

Blessed Be,
Michael Bright Crow