Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Are Quakers Amish?

Walhydra always gets a kick out of Quaker humor, much of which has to do with the fact that no one—including Quakers—appears to know the answer to the question: "What do Quakers really believe?"

Well, thanks to QuakerQuaker, she was recently directed to Haven Kimmel's Blog and found this delightful post: "Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog: Are The Quakers Amish?"

Here's her favorite part:

Q: Are the Quakers the same as the Amish?

A: Although the Amish were founded by a Dutch Anabaptist during the Protestant Reformation, Jakob Ammann, and thus were considered an order of the Swiss Mennonites; and although they speak German (or Pennsylvania Dutch); and although they keep themselves entirely separate from the ‘world,’ or the apostate; have no electricity or phones, and drive horse-drawn buggies on the open road, and the Quakers were founded by George Fox and Margaret Fell during the English Reformation, and spoke English; and although Quakers take it as a directive to change the world through acts of philanthropy and social justice, such as The American Friends Service Committee (which won the Nobel Peace Prize); and although we drive cars and I am typing this on a laptop plugged into a surge protector in an electrical outlet, YES, we are the same as the Amish. We are, essentially, the Amish.

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