Friday, August 24, 2007

Harry Potter withdrawal

Walhydra has often over the years experienced the phenomenon of "Now what do I read?!" separation anxiety.

It happens most especially once she has finished a very large volume, or a series of volumes, in which she has become intimately involved with the characters over weeks or months—or, in the case of J.K. Rowling's works, years. mystery that, after finishing The Deathly Hallows and seeing The Order of the Phoenix within a week of each other, she has been in major, major withdrawal since then.

Walhydra started several other books and put them down within pages.

"I don't want to get to know anyone new yet," she whined.

Finally, stumbling around in desparation in the sci-fi/fantasy section of the library where she works, she remembered that Caleb Carr had a relatively new book out: The Italian Secretary: A Further Adventure of Sherlock Holmes.

Carr's first two books, The Alienist and The Angel of Darkness—both in the sub-sub-sub-etc. genre of murder mysteries involving historical people as amateur detectives—had been greatly satisfying.

This one turned out to gratify Walhydra's Baker Street cravings...and she didn't have to "meet someone new." slow hours at the Reference desk Walhydra still finds herself trolling Google for mention of Potterish stuff.

[No, she's not still looking for more nude pictures of Daniel Radcliffe! Well, not at work, anyway....]

Today she tripped over three oddly delightful sites, all proof of how universal the fascination with Harry Potter has become. Here are the three, with annotations:

On Neal of Arabia, "Harry Potter and the Red-faced Dad": How cool? A Dad in Riyadh, determined to rescue his kids.

On the Maylasian website,, "You're too late, Harry Potter": "Malaysia was a magical place long before young Harry and his happy cohorts walked the halls of Hogwarts. Don’t think so? Read on and reconsider...."

And, best of all, on Like That Also Can Ah?!!!, "Top Ten Signs that Harry Potter & Hogwarts is in Malaysia": Self-explanatory—at least to Malaysians.
And, if you're wondering why so many links from Malaysia, well...

"Expecto Petronas!"

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