Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Walhydra shakes her head in despair

As she was driving to work this morning, Walhydra stopped behind a vehicle which had an arresting decal in the middle of the rear window.

The words said: "A message to the oil companies."

The image was an oil barrel out of which a hand arose, shooting the bird.

The problem, from Walhydra's point of view, was that this is what the guy was driving.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, It's easier to chant slogans than make real, sometimes difficult, changes in the way we live.

This is probably a person who craves the attention that you spoke of in your previous post. Not satisfied with going and buying a small, non-descript, fuel efficient car (which they could obviously afford!) and just driving it--really doing something on a personal level to change our dependency on oil, this peson would rather drive a big gas guzzling billboard of his "manliness" while getting even more attention by denouncing the oil companies that he gives a whole lot of money to each time he fills up. See, he's famous now, we're talking about him!