I'm a tyro with the camera. However, I've been taking pictures in my head for 40-50 years, so I've decided I should try showing someone else what I see.

To do this, I created an account on RedBubble, a "marketplace, meeting place and learning place of people, art and writing from all over the place." The slideshow on the left (also under the Photography heading on the home page sidebar) introduces the images I've posted on RedBubble.

1956 Kodak Brownie Starmite
Actually, I started taking pictures back in fifth grade, using a little Kodak Brownie.

I still have the little wood-bound photo album, filled with carefully mounted and labeled photos like these. When I look at these pictures now, I am first amused and then smitten by memory. So strange that one can travel in time so easily.

Circa 1960, Ohio

Ages later, in the late 1980s, using an old Nikon I bought from a friend, I took a darkroom course. (You know, where you actually develop film in baths of chemicals and mess with burning and dodging?)

Here is my best image from that era, one of a gorgeous, mysterious stranger (who happens still to be my hubby years later).

Jim at Adriana's, May 13, 1989
Still ages later, I now use a baby Canon. Here is one of my favorites from the current round of work:

Palmetto fans I, by Mike Shell

BTW, this link takes you to all the Walhydra's Porch posts involving photography, mine or that of others.

Bless├Ęd be.